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SMB Store Documentation

Below you will find information on how to use the SMB Store.  There are a few sections up front that review the concepts and objects so that you can gain an understanding of SaffronMemoryBase (SMB).  We recommend that you read the quick start, but then start using the APIs as soon as you can.  For more background on SaffronMemoryBase, you will find more material under Concepts and Terms, Creating Spaces and Getting Results.  You can download sample code that will allow you to put data in and get results our of your service instance.  We also invite you to register and visit TweetDive, a new way to look at a Twitter feed, based on SMB.  Also review Saffron Enterprise documentation as needed.  Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Saffron Support for additional help.  Congratulations on pursuing new ways to exploit your data!

Getting Started

Concepts and Terms

Creating Spaces

Getting Results

  • Queries
  • Result Objects
    • JSON Properties - Explanation of the properties that might come back in a JSON response.
    • Query Metrics - Explanation of metrics and their impact on query parameters and JSON properties.
    • Result Paging - Explanation of how result set paging works.
  • The Virtual Attribute System
    • Variants - Explanation of how to use variant scopes when making API calls.

REST Basics and Authentication

SMB Store Tools

Data Sets

Reference Guides

Programming Examples

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